The aim of the project is to develop a model of effective management – within the clinical framework – of people living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which will aim to improve the quality of communication between mental health professionals and recipients of mental health services and to upgrade their potential therapeutic relationship. This project is being implemented in the framework of postdoctoral research at the Department of Psychology, Panteion University, funded by the State Scholarship Foundation/IKY-Greece.

The project consists of research, training and communication actions. Research activities include qualitative and quantitative methods (participatory observation, interviews, focus groups, semi-experimental manipulations, Delphi). Both the use of mixed techniques at the methodological level and the connection of different theories to the analysis of the data (empirically based theory, interpretative phenomenological analysis, etc.) at epistemological level are important innovations of the specific project.

The research data will lead to the design and implementation of a short-term mental health training program aimed at improving their practices in the provision of mental health and care services to people living with BPD.

With the completion of the research and training activities, an Information and Awareness Workshop will be organized, the purpose of which will be twofold: a) to bring in communication and to create links between the community of BPDs and mental health professionals; and b) increasing the visibility of PMI and raising public awareness of stigma. In the facebook social network, a closed group was created that exclusively applies to people living with the diagnosis of BPD and their relatives in order to empower them.

Also, a forum for the exchange of views on issues related to BPD is organized on the project website. Within the framework of the BPD-IMoCI project, a network of healthcare providers and health care providers is being developed for people living with BPD both in Greece and other European countries (research institutes, scientific societies, mental health services structures, patient organizations, etc.), aiming at the exchange of know-how and cooperation in actions and interventions.

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